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Lars Andersen Shoots Back at All Those Who Doubt His Archery Skills

Lars Andersen has become a sensation on social media. The video of his fantastic feats of archery has amazed archery enthusiasts, and those from the general public alike. The Dane’s unreal bow and arrow tricks have caused a lot to question how he could do such things. It’s also caused many to refute the possibility of his claims. And of course, there’s the haters… a lot of haters.


5 Alternative Doctors Dead, 5 More Vanished in Less Than a Month

Coincidence no longer seems realistic as reports of yet another suspicious death of an alternative health doctor bring the alarming total to five—and that doesn’t include another five doctors who seem to have vanished into thin air. Every one of these mysterious deaths and unexplained disappearances have occurred in less than one month under mysterious circumstances that have left the alternative health community desperate for answers.


Look Closely, There’s Something Very Different About This Bodybuilder

Born with his left arm, and most of his left lung, missing, Ericson also developed severe scoliosis as well as type 1 diabetes throughout his life, but none of that has stopped him from becoming one of the most impressive athletes I’ve ever seen in my life.

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