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Next Generation Solar Rooftops And Powerwall 2 Are Here To Take Your House Off-grid Forever

Tesla’s newest foray is into the world of rooftops. Elon Musk has pledged that all houses can benefit from tiles made of glass and solar panels and claims that the cost to install will be cheaper than a regular roof plus electricity.


Researchers Accidentally Made a Battery That Could Last a Lifetime

All kinds of electrical devices we have today are made to have a limited lifetime, which perfectly serves the interests of the consumerist society we live in. Just think about it: if all home appliances and electronic devices we use daily were designed to last, would we need to constantly buy new ones?


A Solar Airplane Circling Around The World Shows Us Flying Without Emissions Is Possible

With the wingspan of a Boeing 747 but weighing only as much as an SUV, the Solar Impulse 2 glides past the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco marking an incredible achievement. The experimental plane continues its flight around the world without using a single drop of fuel to prove that clean technologies do exist and are capable of doing more than we thought possible.

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