Next Generation Solar Rooftops And Powerwall 2 Are Here To Take Your House Off-grid Forever

Tesla’s newest foray is into the world of rooftops.  Elon Musk has pledged that all houses can benefit from tiles made of glass and solar panels and claims that the cost to install will be cheaper than a regular roof plus electricity.

On top of that, they look really cool…


“You’ll want to call your neighbors over and say ‘check out the sweet roof.’ It’s not a phrase you hear often,” says Musk at a presentation in Los Angeles, CA.

On the set of Desperate Housewives, deep within Universal Studios, are a neighborhood of set houses, all adorned with solar rooftops, though the crowd didn’t realize it until they were told.

They really are something to behold.  Stunning, sleek and efficient, these new roofs fall in line with Musk’s plan to unify the big three, rooftops, batteries and cars.  With the entire set-up, you’ll have your roof collecting power, storing it in one (or more) of Tesla’s batteries and charging your car for free.  Forever.

The announcement of the roofs is also accompanied by a new design for the Tesla Powerwall battery, the Powerwall 2, in which power capacity is more than double that the first generation version.

Prices continue to drop.  A home battery that costs $350 per kWh today is expected to cost $182 per kWh in 2025 and that is in addition to the upgrades.  So, as the years go on, you will get better batteries for cheaper.

Now, add your electric car to the mix and you have the salad of sustainable technology that we need in every major household in the country (and the world). 

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