3D Printed Water-maker can Create 2 Liters of Drinking Water Every Hour Out of Thin Air

Jawwad Patel, is not just another Indian engineering student, but the first Asian to make the first 3D-printed apparatus which can ‘create’ water from air.

Like magic almost, the device can extract nearly 1.8 liters of water from the air in an hour.


Called ‘Dewdrop’, it uses the moisture in the air to create the water. It is also not Patel’s first attempt at creating a novel device. He has previously created a smart helmet, which will not let you drive if you are drunk and has been nominated for the National Youth Award 2015-16 and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award 2016.

3d-printed-water-maker-can-create-2-liters-of-drinking-water-every-hour-out-of-the-airHis device is a relatively simple-to-create, as it is just a container that constantly refills itself, using fans to bring in moisture from the surrounding environment. It filters the dust from the air and mineralizes the water as it’s being created.  The water is condensed using the Thomson and Peltier effect.

Though it produces about 1.86l/hr in humid environments, it can still create about 1.2l/hr in desert-like areas.  It is powered by a 12V 6000 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

Advancements are being made to the machine that will allow it to be powered by solar panels and let the user choose if they want hot or cold water. 

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