3 Ways For Empaths To See Their Gift As A Blessing, Not A Curse

Empaths go through phases. Just like the moon, just like other people, and just like pretty much everything on earth that evolves in one way or another. One of the phases they go through is believing that the whole “being super connected to everything and everyone” is more of a burden than a blessing.

Trust me, I know it feels that way at times. I know what it’s like to be woken up at 3am by a call from a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages and who needs your sagely advice. I know how it feels when everyone runs to you to solve their problems (even if they don’t listen) and you want to escape. I know that most of the time you don’t mind the random oddities that happen in your life, but damn it would be nice to have one “normal” day.

Things in your life would be so much easier if everyone could jump in and out of each other’s shoes. Instead, you do the jumping for them. Empaths wear many different pairs of shoes, from all walks of life, every single day. I’ve caught myself on the verge of breaking down, thinking, “Why doesn’t anyone ever wear my shoes and see how difficult this is…”

[caption id="attachment_6052" align="alignnone" width="980"]As cliche as it sounds, it does get better. As cliche as it sounds, it does get better.[/caption]

Here are 3 ways I found the bright side of being an empath:

First, I started meditating…


I gave myself time to focus on nothing and simply let the mind relax. All those things I thought I had to worry about or fix for other people wasn’t there. I let it go and released it into the Universe. I am merely a conduit between the two, not the one to hold on to and suffer from the weight of it all.

Plus, meditation is genuinely beneficial for your body and mind. 10 minutes of daily meditation can decrease anxiety, increase immunity, improves cognitive skills, reduces blood pressure, as well at least 100 other pleasing effects. (If you’re ‘not good’ at meditating, don’t worry, no one is when they first start. Sit in a quiet place, and focus on your breathing; pay attention to how it feels through every fiber of your body when you breathe in, and how the weight falls off when you exhale.)

Secondly, I had to force myself into uncomfortable situations…


I dislike crowds and prefer my quiet time by myself, but every now and then it is good to push myself to go out when my friends invite me. This helps us learn how to separate and define ‘their pain’ and ours.

Meditation shows us how to focus and see things we normally wouldn’t see. We need that focus to shake our dust off and get back into the swing of things. It is all too easy for an empath to find comfort in solitude and permanently reside there. Taking time for yourself is a must, just don’t become stuck in the silence of seclusion.

Lastly, find someone you can also release to…


We’re like sponges, so if you don’t get rid of the stagnant water, the sponge becomes useless. We have to find a way to release everything we accumulate or it will overtake every aspect of our lives and our perception of ourselves.

“You’re the strongest person I know.” “If anyone can get through this, you can.” I’ve heard those two phrases so often, I can’t guess how many times. We have no problem putting our hearts and souls out there for others, but we need support too. 

Empaths think they are doing something normal and typical but they’re not. They make a difference in people’s lives every single day. 

By Raven Fon

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