Meet The Woman Making Rape Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Fusion — Comedian Daniel Tosh told two rape jokes during his stand-up show at the Laugh Factory in 2012. One was about his sister and the other was about a woman in the audience who said that rape jokes weren’t funny. “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by, like, five guys right now? Like right now?” he said. It wasn’t funny. It was gross and humiliating.

In that same year, Adrienne Truscott was working on Asking For It, a one woman stand-up comedy show about rape. She wasn’t planning to make her show all about rape jokes, until she was inspired by the conversation that happened around Tosh’s stupidity.

The thing is, Truscott’s show is actually funny. She has used her satirical monologues to expose the warped logic that men have when it comes to rape. “The way we talk about rape, the way we think about rape and how much of the focus was always on the victim,” Truscott told me. “I just thought this is actually really fucking ripe for satire to point out how fucking stupid you have to be to think that it takes a halter top and a miniskirt for someone to be raped. So, I was just starting to go I wonder if that would be a super cheeky, sneaky smart way to trick a room full of people into listening to an hour of turning this logic on its head.”

In Asking For It, which she has performed in one-offs at Joe’s Pub and other theaters, Truscott drinks Stellas all-night while wearing only platform heels, a denim jacket, and a bright pink push-up bra on a stage adorned with a photo shrine of comedians like Daniel Tosh, Doug Stanhope, Damon Wayans, Jim Jefferies, and Seth MacFarlane. These are all men who have told rape jokes. There’s also a photo of the infamous Bill Cosby. Because, you know.

Truscott tells her audience that she understands why people didn’t believe Bill Cosby, the stand-up dad of America, could rape anyone because a rapist is usually someone you know and trust. She jokes about how ironic it is that Tosh is “the poster child for rape jokes” because “he looks exactly like a date rapist: college educated, white and clean cut.” She role plays with men in the audience, putting cream in their coffee and milk in their cereal even when they tell her no over and over again. She says that while women are blamed for wearing clothes that lure a rapist in, all a rapist has to wear is “pants and a blind look of entitlement.” She forces members in the audience to not only laugh at her jokes, but to laugh at the ignorant philosophy of everyone from men in Congress to men catcalling on the streets.

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