Lars Andersen Shoots Back at All Those Who Doubt His Archery Skills

VisionTimes — Lars Andersen has become a sensation on social media. The video of his fantastic feats of archery has amazed archery enthusiasts, and those from the general public alike.

  • Lars Andersen lets the arrows fly in response to the haters.

The Dane’s unreal bow and arrow tricks have caused a lot to question how he could do such things. It’s also caused many to refute the possibility of his claims. And of course, there’s the haters… a lot of haters.

So he takes the time to give a fuller explanation to archery geeks who felt he left off on historical accuracy. He talks about how the other video was meant for the general public, perhaps with the intention of going viral, so he didn’t make it so laden with all the explanation he could have.

The 30-million-view video in question:

But haters, unbelievers or not, Lars Andersen answers here the main concerns people have had about him, and demonstrates he has the skill under the conditions of minimal video editing, and exposing his own mistakes.

The fact that he exposes his mistakes and explains the doubts and questions people had about him already make me like this guy. He even goes on to show other archers he admires and some of the things they can do.

Instead of doubting him, I hope this can encourage more people to explore the historical depths of archery, and maybe one day they too can become accomplished archers. It is probably a better use of time than simply doubting all he does. Outdo him!

Lars Anderson grabs arrow

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