Putin Calls Billionaire Oligarchs “Cockroaches” For Closing Factory Live On Camera

Disclose.tv — You don’t want to miss this: On LIVE camera, Putin calls the most powerful men in Russia “cockroaches” and forces them to not close a factory, so thousands of workers don’t lose their jobs… Publicity stunt? Maybe, but then again I don’t think a proud billionaire would be willing to be made such a fool. Can you ever imagine an American politician doing this?

These days it has become common knowledge that politicians work for corporations and big banks, and never the people. They pass laws or hand out tax-payer subsidies that benefit these super rich companies in exchange for bribery money. It is a major business that is run on the backs of the average people, like you and me. So when you see a politician go at people that control corrupt banks and big corporations, it is refreshing and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, as most of you would expect, the politician we are talking about is not an American, it is a Russian, Vladimir Putin. Although this is by no means an endorsement of him, since politicians jobs are always to appear to be “the good guys” when you hear how frank this man is in his interviews and open about geopolitics, covert operations, etc. (which is the exact opposite of American politicians which try to hide these things from the public like we are stupid) you have to take your hat off to the guy. In fact, Putin has an over 80% approval rating compared to Obama’s pathetic 40%. Especially when this is supposed to be the “land of the free”.

In this video, observe Putin forcing a billionaire oligarch to reopen a factory after several hundred people protested the closing of it because it was the only factory and thus would result in major unemployment. Instead of writing the people off, and finding some political deception to justify it, or explain why he couldn’t do it, as practically all politicians do, Putin immediately set out getting the factory restarted.

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