Check Out This Way To Produce Endless Hot Water Without Electricity!

This technique uses a copper coil to heat the water.

This is a very nice and inexpensive way to have hot water in a grid down situation. No electricity required and very easy to build. Using a thermal siphon pumping a rocket stove and a reservoir.

This is a very useful way to have hot water in a grid down situation (and not only) but, an alternative and more reliable way to get hot water without electricity is using a Bio-gas Generator.

Bio-gas is a gas composed of anaerobic micro-organisms through the process of anaerobic digestion. That means you can get any kind of organic waste, put it in a bio-gas digester and turn it into bio-gas, that includes  even dead leaves, grass, human and animal waste and so on. The obtained gas can be used to so many things like:

  • Fueling a heating water system
  • Power up an electricity generator
  • Heating your home
  • Fueling a cooking stove in your kitchen
  • And can be even transformed to fuel for your car
  • Power up an Aquaponic system for an 100% self sustained and organic way to grow your veggies.

To learn more about this cool DIY watch this video.

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