After Twenty Years Of Hard Work This Couple Can Call Their Self-Sustaining Off-Grid Island Paradise Home

Tucked away in a coastal inlet about a half-hour boat ride from Tofino, British Columbia is a floating off-grid utopia that’s home to a couple who have truly managed to get away from it all.

1063In 1992, the auspicious and creative couple decided to go live off the grid … no really … we are talking extreme green! Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King spend their days completely immersed in nature – the Canadian couple lives off-the-grid on a floating sustainable island appropriately named Freedom Cove.

The couple, who have been married for nearly three decades and have two children, have lived on their island paradise year-round since 1992. It appears that Freedom Cove, cast on Cypress Bay in Tofino, British Columbia, was their way of getting away from their former busy lives.



The turquoise and magenta wonderland is completely self-sustaining. The resourceful couple and their two kids spend their days collecting rainwater for drinking in the winter months and freshwater from a local waterfall in the summer. They harness energy with solar panels on the roof (as of late with a small Honda generator, its solar panels recently broke down), drinking water comes from rain and a nearby waterfall, and food can be plucked from five greenhouses or from a half-acre garden or caught fresh from the sea.

This off-grid floating home and garden, dubbed Freedom Cove, is the year-round home to Canadian artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King.


Image Credit: Vanguard Divers

They began building the floating home about half an hour (by boat) off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia. As of today that home has expanded to include 12 large platforms covered by living spaces, green houses, lush gardens and plenty of docks.


The project is in its 25th year in the making and there is no denying that they have set up a nice little utopia to call their home. King and Adams say that the Cove,  has allowed them to interact with nature without interfering in it.


Freedom Cove

Freedom Cove


Their eco-paradise features greenhouses, an art gallery and a lighthouse tower – all of which are fashioned from recycled materials and painted bright shades of pinks, purples and turquoise.


The complex is like a living art project for its artistic residents. Adams is a carver and builder, and King is a painter, writer and dancer. The two also sell their carvings and candles in the nearby towns.

“We live our life in a manner that, we hope, adds to the health of the environment,” explains King. “We do our best to live conscientiously this way every day.”

Freedom Cove is a much needed escape from the captivity of civilization, and it’s not finished yet. Wayne and Catherine continue to brainstorm new pieces to add to their already spectacular puzzle.

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