A House Was Too Boring For This Illinois Man, So He Built A Gold Pyramid For His Family Instead

This is Jim and Linda Onan’s Gold Pyramid House in Wadsworth, Illinois. Yes, it really is a six-story gold-plated pyramid in the middle of Illinois – and apparently it’s the world’s largest gold-plated object.

jimonangoldpyramidJim Onan, a man who was always an admirer of Egyptian culture, was forever changed the day he stumbled upon a university of Wisconsin study one day suggesting that Pyramids at Giza generated energy. Jim came from humble beginnings, He had 5 children with his his wife Linda and he was a hardworking man who built his own concrete business from the ground up. In the 70’s Pyramid’s became more popular because of the mysteries coming forth. His curiosity led him to build small pyramids around his home and people realized that when they put their hands above this small pyramid they felt a weird sensation, a vortex of energy coming from the top of the Pyramid.

He kept building small pyramids and then decided to build a little bigger one, a 13 foot pyramid in his backyard to experiment on a larger scale. One of the Onan sons was a botanist and the university he attended suggest that they grow inside the Pyramid. What they found was astonishing, they found that plants grew three times as fast in the pyramid than outside it.

One day, Jim was talking with his wife Linda about what kind of home they should build and Linda jokingly said “Why don’t you build it out of a pyramid” and that gave him quite the idea, he was going to build his families home as a pyramid structure, and he did.  He built the Pyramid home for his family and it was an exact replica model of the Pyramid’s of Giza at 1/9th the size.

As the building came into completion and the pyramid form took shape something astonishing happened. The middle of the home started bubbling up with water and the spring water started entering the first floor (the bottom) of the pyramid. Astonished and confused, they scrapped the plans to have an indoor pool on the first floor of the pyramid and instead had to bring in experts to reroute the water to funnel it out of the pyramid home and into the surrounding area.

“If you believe in something strong enough, then it will happen,“ he says, tapping his right temple with his index finger and preparing to deliver a soft-sell pitch for Gold Pyramid Water. “That`s what makes America great.“ The water itself is nothing special. Onan freely confesses to the tourists who have paid $7 a head to walk through a floor of his 24K-gold-plated pyramid home near Six Flags Great America Amusement Park that blind medical tests have found the water has no healing powers and that he himself does not believe it has any particular effect against ailments.

“The power of this water is right here, in the mind,“ he says, again with the tapping on the temple. “It`s the power of suggestion. It`s making someone believe in something that`s not there.“


Some say that the shape of the pyramid itself helped to bring this spring to life and fill the surrounding area with spring water. This is really the only conclusion that I see considering there was no water there before and once the pyramid took shape this is when the water started bubbling up. Quite incredible huh? A pyramid structure helped to bring spring water to the surface.

Additionally Jim Onan was very passionate about Egyptian architecture and culture and decided he wanted to coat the pyramid in gold. He coated the pyramid in 24-karat gold surrounding the whole pyramid costing an incredible $1 Million US dollars. This is now the largest golden plated structure in North America. Naturally, this structure got a lot of attention from the local community and the press. Tourists started flocking by the thousands and they had little choice but to created a tourism business out of it.

Celebrities showed interest as well. Michael Jackson wanted to shoot a music video within this pyramid and Muhammad Ali offered to buy this golden pyramid because he wanted to turn this into a training facility. One man named Ralph who was working on this Pyramid in Illinois drank the spring water everyday while working on the pyramid and he came back from his doctor reporting that his blood pressure was lower. Jim thought Ralph was crazy and told anyone that they could take the spring water to drink themselves and people did, and many claimed to feel better or to have certain ailments cured. This could all be the placebo effect (mind over matter) or there could be some validity as we now know that water is living and to charge water and for it to be alive has more health value. Spring water is already the best water you can get and for it to be positively charged (if it was in some way) then there could be potential there.

So, what can pyramids potentially do for mankind?

1. Increase Food/Plant Growth by up to 300% (maybe more?)

2. Bring Water and Life to an Area (spring water erupted from the earth after this structure was built)

3. Stone built pyramids (10’s of thousands of years old) have higher levels of negative ions which are great for health.

4. Charge water to have more life force and healing power.

The story of Jim Onan and his family is incredible and I plan on visiting this pyramid one day in person to see it for myself, ask questions and get the full experience. Thankfully they have reopened the pyramid home to the public as a tourism attraction and anyone can visit! You can hear the full story of this pyramid below in this short documentary:


You can learn more about this gold pyramid on their Facebook Page or by visiting it as a tourist by going to GoldPyramid.com, this is definitely a bucket list place to visit for me and it’s only about 5 hours from where I live thankfully! What are your thoughts on pyramids? do you believe they have more use and value than the naked eye can see? leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Author Bio: David Benjamin is a writer as well as health, fitness and green living advocate at Healthy Wild and Free. He believes that if we take care of ourselves and take care of our planet we can enjoy a much more sustainable, healthy and harmonious life. You can connect with him on his Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. 

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