Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

Alex makes an urgent message concerning the severity of the current global climate. Insider information pointed directly towards global financial meltdown and global war. It is our duty to stop this from happening.

VIDEO EXCERPT: There is a pile of gold in Manhattan. Texas wants it back. Texas is pulling its gold out of the private federal reserve. And jade helm is coming up, the elite know which states aren’t going to go along…which state leaderships wont go along with Marshal law. I thought Jade Helm was just a drill at first, I didn’t know why they freaked out so bad ahead of time. It is the cover for military occupation of the southwest, and I have been told that by high level military. And we found all the documents, did a special report “Jade Helm mystery solved” this last week that’s gone viral. Where we have all the documents … Everything we have heard that was going to come is now here… US troops fighting Russians in Ukraine. Our government funding radical Islam to attack Christians and kill em, I mean it is just craziness is taking place. Germany wants there gold. Russia wants their gold. They all want their gold and people are bugging out in mass, from the Ozarks to Luxembourg to New Zealand; and here is my final point. When I talk to these folks they said other billionaires and people with hundreds of millions of dollars and insiders are leaving and it has basically reached panic point now. I mean James Cameron left four years ago. So we already have evidence that there is a 50-60% chance that there will be a global financial meltdown, every expert we have talked to, mainline news says its coming… I don’t know, bubbles could go on for longer, but we need cooler heads to prevail. We don’t want war with Russia. We don’t want to destabilize the middle east. The chutzpah, the arrogance, the bravado of the elite needs to stop right now. The military and stars and strips trying to take on veterans and gun owners, we have got IBM computers deciding which troops get medical care and who doesn’t. We are living in a dystopia already. But the old free wealthy society is still there partially. They are running in parallel but the evil is absorbing the good.

The elite have their contingency plans.. DO YOU!?


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