Legendary Master of Chi Performs Miracles With Bare Hands

The power of Chi is undeniable, scientifically proven, and can be used to heal, defend, protect and manifest. John Chang is an extraordinary man from Java. He is not superhuman. John and other masters like him, have simply devoted their lives to understanding and harnessing the power of Chi within us all. They show us what we are all capable of.

“We all have undreamed of powers within us.” – John Chang

Video shown below is undeniable evidence of Chi in action:
John Chang – Spiritual master of Yin and Yang Chi

(Scroll to the bottom to watch the full video)

hombres-mujeres-cada-vez-menos-diferentes-en-lo-sexual-img03Natural healing is all about working with Chi to balance, harmonize and align our body, our home and our environment with the world we live in. Energy is both yin and yang, male and female, which are equal in strength, complementary and interconnected.

Focus, visualize and direct the Chi within your body and you can create health, safety, peace, calm, balance and happiness. No it is not an easy task and takes discipline, focus, years of training, practice, life experience and most importantly, humility. Few of us will ever be as dedicated and disciplined as John Chang, or be gifted with the knowledge he has. However, there are many other energy paths to be explored and many of them can be adopted into your everyday life if you chose.

Watch the full documentary here:

Via: Educate Inspire Change

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